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Friday, August 20, 2010

Painting in Orono

A Little bit of Heaven in Orono

Today the Plein Air Thursday group went to Orono to paint. A friend of Fred Irons, Lisa, has a garden that would make you green with envy. Lisa is an artist herself and the garden has her personal touches such as fountains and arbors and fruit trees and berry bushes, not to mention the exotic flowers mixed in with standard Brown Eyed Susans'. What a display of color and a treat for the eye....an oasis in the middle of the town. I arrived at 10am and didn't want to leave
.mail.jpgLisa, Fred and neighbor Betty

After roaming aimlessly around  on visual overload I finally decided on an place to plant my easel. I painted a garden tool shed that was so adorable and another painting of a sun flower looking happy as could be to be planted right in that spot.  Painting in this garden was so much fun.

Tool Shed

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