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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally a posting!

Have been painting but not posting. I paint mostly every day but for some reason or another I don't post them....I guess life gets in the way. Anyway here are a few new paintings that I did in preparation for the Patawa Wine Tasting this weekend. I am exhibiting in the art show that is going on during the wine tasting. I painted some 6X6 paintings in hopes that I sell some of them.The economic downturn has made unnecessaries well...unnecessary. This is why I chose to paint some small paintings.
We can all enjoy the State St. Wine Cellar's offerings and hopefully win a door prize. It is always a fun night.
Waiting for Thanksgiving
6X6 oil on panel

Pear just hanging around
6X6 oil on panel

Maine sunset
6x6  oil on canvas

for two
6X6 oil on panel

Tis the Season
6X6 oil on panel

Summer porch
16X20 oil on canvas

My summer self
16X20 oil on canvas

Rockwell Kent house on Monhegan
36X48 oil on canvas

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