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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tis the Season

Where did the time go. It seems like I was just working on fall projects and here it is THE Holidays. 
Friday Tom and I went out to dinner at a new Bangor Restaurant...not really new but in a new location, Market Bistro. It is now located on Main Street across from McLaughlin's Seafood. The restaurant was charming and the owners are delightful.... The food is wonderful, fresh and creative.
We then headed out to the Penobscot Theater to catch the play Plaid Tidings.
We enjoyed the play with side-splitting laughter. The singing was great. Our friend, Dominic Varney was a delight to watch. If you want to be instantly uplifted. Go and see this play.
This event ticked off a holiday event list that will be ambitious.
I realized that I needed to paint something for my holiday cards. So I decided to paint Pickering Square in Bangor. The Christmas Tree is erected just before the holiday parade and it is lit that night. Here is my view of the Christmas Tree in Pickering Square, Bangor, Maine.
Pastel painting of Pickering Square Christmas Tree
by S.G. Roberts

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