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Friday, June 10, 2011

This weeks paintings

Here are two oil paintings that I did plein air. The first one is of  the park on State St. across from the Senior Center. There is a statue of Hamibal Hamlin which is very interesting. Here is my view.
8 X 10 oil on panel, Plein Air
by S. G. Roberts
Hamibal Hamlin Park
The second painting is of my back yard garden painted Plein Air

My Back yard garden
8 X 10 oil on canvas , Plein Air
by S.G. Roberts

The Garden painting I used and umbrella to shield the light on my palette and what a difference. I painted with more vibrant colors. The first painting in the Park I had to go over because it came out so light...no umbrella. I even thought I was using too much color. 
Lesson learned...use the umbrella.

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