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Friday, September 2, 2011

Mike Rooney workshop

I just finished a workshop with Artist Mike Rooney. Mike came up from Cape Cod to Port Clyde to put on this workshop. He arrived just in time to experience hurricane Irene. What a welcome!!!
The first day of the workshop was clear and warm, a perfect Maine day.  In fact all three days were like that.
The first day we learned about color and  blocking in . The afternoon was spent painting and putting into practice what we just learned. The second day Mike taught us about mixing color  using 4 colors, blue, red, yellow and white.  I wasn't sure I could do it but  the system he taught worked well... I was so excited. That afternoon we painted again. With all the beautiful scenery in Port Clyde we never ran out of things to paint. On the last day we took a trip to Monhegan Island, famous for it's rich history of artist. It is really a mecca for artist. Again the scenery was so beautiful, it was, and is an artist dream. That evening back in Port Clyde we meet for a Lobster dinner...the perfect ending to a perfect  three days.

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