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Sunday, September 13, 2009

my summer vacation

Hi Everyone!
Finally I am able to write to you. It's been a busy summer. This year I did my first show. The WLBZ TV2 Sidewalk art show held in downtown Bangor. My sister Liz, and I had a tent and displayed our art. It was a hot day and one of the very few nice days of the early summer. The crowd was thin but they were friendly. We met lots of people that we knew and connected with some new art lovers. We did fairly well considering that it was our first show. We learned lots about setting up tent and what to bring for extras....lots of water. We needed an umbrella to stave off the blistering sun.
I loved meeting all the art lovers in our area and being able to talk to them. I think connecting with the public is fun and important.
There were some artist that set up very early....before 7am I struggle with that hour but managed to drag myself up and out of bed.
I recently had and opportunity to see some blogs and how to set up one.... Thanks to Mike Rooney Studios.(mikerooneystudios.com) I learned how to set up this blog. I figured that there must be some artist out there that have already gotten to this point and I didn't have to reinvent the wheel.I really like Mike's work. He paints with oil also.
I also paint with pastels and have recently discovered Lidia Cassatt. Her pastels are outstanding. She really captures the essence of a sunset and the beauty of the landscape.
I know that my work is not a Monet at this point however I think that with lots of education I can become a good artist. Painting is my passion and I hope some people appreciate the same things that I do.
Attached are some new work that I did plen air in Stockton Springs, Maine at Ft. Point Light House. If you get a chance go and visit. It is a beautiful spot that is raw and ruggard an the light house is a working light.
I just love this state. I am so lucky to be a Mainer.
I am looking forward to my seminar with Robert Carston in Oct.
Look for my next post regarding the most gorgeous season in Maine.

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