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Friday, July 9, 2010

Packing for my trip

I am frantically packing for my trip to Monhegan Island. A group of women  called the Plein Air Heads, get together every year on the Island of Monhegan to paint. It is an artist paradise and I am so lucky to be invited this year. (one of the regulars couldn't make it)
One thing about going to an Island...you have to bring everything. There are no cars on the island and food shopping is limited and expensive....which means you  have to bring it. The list is long, food, clothes, art supplies, chair, hat, TP, papertowles, sunscreen...etc. You get the picture.
I leave at 6:30am to drive 3 hours to get the Ferry.
I am going to feel a bit out of touch...no cell phone and no internet. I'll be posting pics for you next week.
Bon Voyage!


  1. Oh how well I know this trip! I have a natural tendency to over pack so....... you can just imagine. We stay at Barbara Hitchcock's little apartments and even though we walked up and down that hill and all over the island we did NOT lose an ounce :(
    The Plein Air Heads !! I love it!
    I'll be back to check out the paintings!

  2. Mary, What time of year did you go to Monhegan? I must admit that July was wonderful weather but would like to experience the Island in the Fall. I saw on your Blog that you are in Naples, Florida in the the winter....me too! I am in Glen Eagle G.C. on Davis Blvd.

  3. NO WAY. I am in Naples Estates on the corner of County Barn and Rattlesnake!
    We go in January and stay until mid May, which is enough for me.
    I went to Monhegan in the Spring three times. Sayed with Barbara Hitchcock in her little apartments. Last week of May beginning of June. Weather of course, is iffy, but I love it so much.
    Since we've been going to Naples I haven't
    been back.
    I'm so glad I came back over here and found this comment.