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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's Plein Air on the Kenduskeag River

 The Kenduskeag river was the site of our Thursday's Paint out. It was a  beautiful day...albite a shakey start. The dark clouds blew away and the day was beautiful...72 and sunny.
We all treked down to the river and found it to be quite delightful. It was difficult to narrow the site choices to just one.  Some of us wanted to paint the river others the rocks others the moving water and still one painted the bridge.
We agreed that the Kenduskeag may be the site of another Plein Air Paint-Out. Here are the results of the day.

Michelle Walker finds her spot

Carol Brooks finds her spot that she is going to paint.

Gail Hipsky is sketching a scene that she is going to paint.

Carol Brooks having fun painting.

            Michelle Walker and Gail hipsky

Gail's painting of the Bridge (pastel)

Carol's painting (pastel)

Carol's 2nd painting (pastel)

Michelle Walkers painting(pastel)

Michelle Walker's 2nd painting ( pastel)

This one is Suzanne Roberts painting (pastel)

Sue's 2nd painting (watercolor)

Jean Townsend's pastel painting

These paintings are in various stages of being finished..

Gail gets caught on the Burrdocks....and Jean is sure to capture it on film!  You gotta laugh!!!

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