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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I knew that this workshop was going to be good !!


I just returned from Barbara Mallonee's workshop in Castine... A three day event that renewed my creativity.  The really neat happening was the fact that we could use any medium but Barbara brought some watercolors that we could use. I picked up the brush and was immediately hooked. i hadn't painted in watercolor in 40 years and didn't remember much but Barbara was so patient with me. I am posting lots of pictures of the Castine area and the workshop.
We started each morning with breakfast at the Castine inn ( www.castineinn.com) This was no ordinary breakfast, each morning I had to take a photo of my breakfast because it was so beautifuly presented... and the taste,,,Wow!

Each day we began at the Wilson Museum. A museum that i highly recommend.  The staff is so helpful and nice.

Day one ended with a critique of our drawings and paintings... I will say that most of these paintings are works in progress.
Day 2 
Plein Air painting.

Barbara gives advise to Liz

Barbara's concentrating on her demo painting

Liz's painting in progress.......and Linda pauses mid painting.

 Lunch is a gourmet feast at Bah's

Day 2 ends with a critique and lots of cookies!!!
Day 3 - Castine is such a beautiful town that we head for the dock after a harty breakfast at the Castine Inn.

After a morning of painting we head to lunch at Bah's for a yummy meal.

 its hard to leave but the workshop is over.....Thank you Barbara for a wonderful workshop in a beautiful place. 

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  1. Wow! Looks like a great place for a workshop and a lot of fun.