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Monday, December 20, 2010

New and Exciting things

Just finished my last class with instructor, Linda Packard. This pastel class has been one that has inspired and pushed me to new places in my artistic endeavors. I have loved every minute of it. This last class was another special event. Each student started a pastel painting and made a few marks on the paper and then at a certain time we handed the painting to the right and accepted the one on the left and added and responded to the painting. Again after a certain amount of time (approx. 2 min.) we handed the painting on to the right and accepted the one on the left. This process was continued until you received your first painting back again. All 8 students contributed to the painting you started. Here is some pics of the amazing results.

This is the painting that I started

As you can see the results are all so different. It was a wonderful exercise to respond to what was on the paper and not try to figure out what it was. 
I just love the results. Don't you?

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