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Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Small Works

I just completed several small works that have been fun to do. I haven't worked in this size for awhile so it is fun and will keep my painting fresh.

Sandy Point Cottage
8 X 10 oil on canvas

The Backyard view
 8 X 10 Oil on Canvas

Blooming Tea
8 X 10  Oil on canvas
work in progress
Snowfall on the Beach path
8 X 10 oil on panel

The Road to the Beach
10 X 8  oil on canvas

Machias outdoor market
8 X 10 oil on panel

Morning ride
8 X 10 oil on board

Bay Side Garden
12X 16 oil on board

Shinning Faces
24 X 24 Pallet knife painting Acrylic

Eastport Evening
16 X 20 oil on canvas

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