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Hans Hoffman " The ability to simplify is to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary can speak"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Where I find inspiration.

 Garden floral vase
6X6  oil on canvas  $125

My gardens have burst into bloom with a crescendo of color. After yesterdays rain storm I went out into the garden to survey the damage and cut a few flowers that had been beaten down in the rain.  I arranged them in a vase and set them on the counter.  The soft fragrance that wafted through the air was that of summer. It reminded me of my Grandmother's Peony garden that would burst into bloom with the exquisite large blossoms that bent low from their own weight. This was inspiration of the senses. I ran into my studio and began to paint.....alla prima.

I then decided to finish a painting that I had begun a month ago. This painting was inspired by Paul Cezanne....Truly inspirational genius.   I decided to use lively color to make the painting my own.  I think it worked.
Fruit platter inspired by Cezanne
16x20 oil on canvas $200

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