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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from Monhegan

I'm back from Monhegan Island, Maine.
God must have fallen in love with Monhegan  because it is the most scenic and beautiful spot on earth. The smell of the Maine Pines infused with the wild roses and sea mist is an  intoxicating perfume. You just know that the air is pure and fresh without smog and chemicals clogging your every breath. Even the Ferry ride on the Elizabeth Ann is a joy.(it does help to have sunny skies and calm water.) Loaded down with supplies and artist from all over the country, the Elizabeth Ann and her crew carve their way around islands that dot the waters to our destination of Monhegan Island. Upon landing the crew makes haste to unload and riders scurry to find their belongings. Coolers and easels bags of canvas and food and clothing are some of the things you'll see mounded high on the dock. With the help of some hearty souls and pick-up trucks the piles are loaded and driven to their destination. Chadwick house and Eider Duck House filled immediately with artist friends, getting settled in their room and filling the too small refrigerators. ( only small because of the sheer volume of food we bring) By noon everyone was itching to paint. We head out to explore the island.
All week the sun shone on our Island and all week we painted and painted. Our ritual of "wine 30" and chatter along with critique at the end of the day was fun and informative.
The week flew by and now I'm here on the main land thinking of all the memories....
Sea-mist and Pine
9X 12 pastel on wallis paper


  1. You painting looks great! I had a great time.

  2. You'll keep painting Monhegan memories long after you've returned home. I still am... Glad you enjoyed yourself! Nice painting.

  3. Thanks Russ, I had a wonderful time also.

    Susan, your right, I'll be painting Monhegan for a long while. It was so wonderful.

    Thanks for the comments